Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 4: A short one

On some advice from ITH about trying to get a better rake structure I played some $2 + $0.25 SnG's tonight on FTP.

The first was a normal format, after handing out this bad beat. I took the tournament down for $9. On the second I played a turbo and went out third when I had my AA cracked by T9o.

I think I may stay at this level, but as always I'm looking for advice. I'm not going to hit the cash games until my day off Wed.

The roll stats:

Limit BR: $23.91 (same)
SnG BR: $28.10 (up 6.48 buy-ins at $1 and up 3.6 buy-ins at $2)

Total: $52.01

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