Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 6: There we go...

A nice solid day on my day off from work. I played limit for the first time in a while and it was not pretty for the first bit. I was down about 12 BB within a half an hour after having a lot of things miss or get drawn out on. However, the rest of the session went quite well.

Here's the basic stats from PT:

3.98 Hours Played at 14.76 BB/hour and 28.97 BB/100

I'm taking a break now but I'll go through the HH and find some big hands.

As for SnG, I played 5 $2 normal SnGs and won one, placed second in one, and third in two more. The plays a little stronger on the slower tourneys but it's better for me as it doesn't turn into a pushfest by a half hour in.

The rolls now stand at:

Limit BR: $29.79 (up 58.8 BB)
SnG BR: $29.45 (up a little less than 5 buy-ins)

Total: $59.24

My next limit session I'll hopefully hit my first milestone of 50% of the way to .10/.20.

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